I’m adding this both as a resource for people who come to the blog but also as one for me to keep track of pages I come across that are strong resources themselves and great reads. There are the same links on the sidebar but this page allows me to expand on what the pages are and why they were added to the list. Feel free to suggest anything you have found yourself and would think I would enjoy! The collection is always growing! My email is

The first is an art community that I frequent quite often and while I am also usually bummed that they the majority of the events are out in San Francisco (the gallery is based out there) the site and content is always top!

FFDG: Fecal Face Digital Gallery & Site

This has come to be one of my favored magazines both in its print (PRINT) form as well as its digital life on the web. I started reading it heavily when I was getting more and more into the design scene and it has become a very strong resource. Even if you don’t end up getting a subscription the website has everything from directories for stock images to listings for competitions. Another one I frequent pretty much daily.

Print Magazine

AIGA is of course the American Institute of Graphic Artists. The organization has been around for almost 100 years now and remains the largest professional membership organization for design. They exist as a nonprofit/educational organization. AIGA is organized by chapters based on regions and cities, six in all for the country (Pacific, Midwest, Northeast, Western, South Central and Southeast). Membership comes with a great deal of benefits and there are constantly events being put on by local AIGA chapters

AIGA – The Professional Association for Design

HOW Design – The leading creativity, technology and business magazine for Graphic Designers (their words not mine!) I will say it is a great site and a great magazine just like Print Magazine is and I find that the two are very strongly connected. The site has a huge amount of information; creative inspiration, design exercises, blogs, event listings and a huge amount more. They are the hosts of the HOW Design Conference in Chicago every year (in it’s 21st now and something I wish I had the means to get out to!) This is a site and magazine every designer should know and love.

HOW Design – Leading Creativity, Technology and Business Magazine for Graphic Designers

Smithsonian Institute – Smithsonian Magazine, lately I have been frequenting this site as they have had a lot of helpful articles when I am looking to find further information about specific artists. I will admit I haven’t had a chance to fully explore the site as I have really only utilized it for specific items but looking over the general content that is available and the articles that I have ended up reading it is another great resource. Of course everyone knows of the institute and the museum.

Smithsonian Institute – Smithsonian Magazine


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