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Putzing around the AIGA site I looked over an article that I more than likely have read before and taken note of either way it is important! It concerns presenting your portfolio and no matter what you do; fine art, design, illustration, animation anything that you would be bringing a portfolio of work to you need to know how to handle yourself because ultimately you are selling yourself to the perspective client.

AIGA:Presenting your Portfolio

It is a condensed quick article that you will fly through in no time but all the information rings true and is quite important to keep in mind. Not to mention it is written by someone who has had to review portfolios himself and has had them reviewed so it comes, not only, from the worker’s viewpoint but also from the viewpoint of what an employer will be looking for.

Afterwards take some time and just look around the site if you are interested in Design and the sort it is a wonderful page and organization.


In Progress…

I can’t really say that any piece is every truly “finished” but regardless of that fact this is a progress post for a poster I am making based off the song “The Happening” by “The Pixies”. There is, as if it wasn’t obvious, a strong influence from old sci-fi comic covers and movie posters. I wanted to work with a typeface that was similar to many but not exactly the same as well as a style that was similar but not one that shouted “HEY! I’m adapted straight from _________”. So I think it works well, it has that general 50s feel so far but not from one specific release. And..GASP! This is the first time anyone has seen a full sized image of it outside of my room, ha! Double GASP! There will only be 3 printed after it is finished. (oh my!)

I wanted to post a picture of the other project I worked on today as well but seeing as it is a birthday gift I was putting finishing touches on and I am pretty sure the person I am giving it to is a regular reader I can’t be doing that. I’ll post a picture of the piece after I show her though.

The Happening (Progress)


Artsierthanyou – A Website.

I highly recommend anyone who reads this go check out this site, lady, and her work. She has had a very positive impact on myself and my work and puts out some pretty phenomenal stuff. Lately she has been working in the photo realm but doesn’t limit herself to that (as any proper artist should do) and has works in other media posted to her site as well. There are sketches, fine art, photo manipulation, photo shoots in exploratory settings. An artist with a very wide range of work, who can show us some very skillful images.

So go check the site out


I promise you wont be disappointed. One of my favorite artists locally and just in general.

A Night of Regret

Once again we are back in the studio taking pictures this time portraits and another theme comes up! A night of regret. How wonderful. I will provide a few of the pictures I came up with and let you write a story in your own head to go along with them. It was a lot of fun working with this group I have to say and it is quite a bummer that I will only be working with one of them next time I am in the studio come Thursday *tear* (Additionally I forgot to get the picture of myself that was snapped seeing as I couldn’t take a picture of myself so once I get the images of myself I will edit the post and get them up!)

Comics, Comics, Comics.

This came up when I connected to wifi at Starbucks the other day to just putz around and kill time and I have to say it is pretty damn awesome. I haven’t spent a lot of time on looking through all of the site just yet but from first glance the selection of comics they have posted up is pretty wicked. I know it is just Marvel stuff and I haven’t looked into other companies yet (I plan to now) but I like the idea of having queues and lists of what I have read and want to read just like I have on netflix, hulu and all of those film sites. Plus I thought it was just pretty nifty that it was on the Starbucks site :D. So check it out, sign up and read some comics! All this being said I don’t think digital will ever replace that wonderful feeling of holding a new comic or graphic novel and flipping through the pages, having that smell of the print and that nice color of the pages.


Enjoy! [Link is below *points*]

Marvel:Digital Comics (and more)


This past Thursday we were working in the photo studio “playing” with objects and lighting to see what we could come up with and well knowing me and my penchant for toys look who decided to show up! I took a good amount of shots and came home with a decent amount that I liked
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Things just seem to be getting busier and busier but in such a great positive way! I have several projects that I am working on concurrently both for school and for myself. I am still on the garbage collecting kick and have a television centered project that I will be able to start and finish as soon as I get a screwdriver to remove the tube. I realize I could break it open but I want to cleanly remove it can keep all the elements intact to utilize them in design.

In other news I went on a little bit of an adventure this past weekend to Maine, Starks to be exact and it was absolutely wonderful despite it being fairly damp most of the stay. I think it was exactly what I needed right now, I love Boston and the urban setting but I needed some escape and just sitting around the camp sketching and coloring and cooking (I was on chef duty for the weekend, which I was most than happy with)…it was perfect. Not to mention meeting plenty of great folk and spending an entire weekend with a select one whom I already know quite well (in addition to getting the priviledge of waking up next to said person). I’ve started teaching some basic yoga stuff, just to a couple friends of mine nothing major but it makes me feel really good that I can share my knowledge with someone else that wants to learn as well.

Sorry that this post doesn’t have a new project in with it but coming soon I will make up for it I promise I have a lot that I am finishing up 🙂 (and heck starting at the same time!)

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