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A Heart Swollen with Light, Swollen with Love.

A new piece I just recently finished up and was quite happy with. I wish I had a better way to show it off as the pictures do not capture a lot of the finer detail and texture, especially in the areas I used a larger amount of modeling paste. I think the general idea is gotten across though. This is certainly one I will take pictures of again when I have a chance to get higher quality ones, no doubt.

Hope you enjoy!


Bright Comrades

New small painting for some friends 😀 A bigger, bit more complex/detailed/what-ever one has just been started with the finish of that one. It makes me happy because it is nice and bright and as usual has some critters. Just a nice basic simple deal.

Hope you like it too.

Lovely Friends of Mine

Artsierthanyou – A Website.

I highly recommend anyone who reads this go check out this site, lady, and her work. She has had a very positive impact on myself and my work and puts out some pretty phenomenal stuff. Lately she has been working in the photo realm but doesn’t limit herself to that (as any proper artist should do) and has works in other media posted to her site as well. There are sketches, fine art, photo manipulation, photo shoots in exploratory settings. An artist with a very wide range of work, who can show us some very skillful images.

So go check the site out


I promise you wont be disappointed. One of my favorite artists locally and just in general.

I Can Be Pretty Too…

Everyone can be…don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Quick Paintings (A Start)

So recently I started a series of sketches in my new book and have been mulling over the idea of converting some of the subjects into paintings (as I usually do when I make new characters and creatures) and this is the first of them. A ghost and his kitty. The next in the series is currently drying so I should have a picture of it posted up probably some time tomorrow (my guess)

Doing cute, fun, character based things like these always puts me in a great mood so I welcome the series and don’t know how many are to come yet. I know there are at least two!

Cheers! 🙂