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A Heart Swollen with Light, Swollen with Love.

A new piece I just recently finished up and was quite happy with. I wish I had a better way to show it off as the pictures do not capture a lot of the finer detail and texture, especially in the areas I used a larger amount of modeling paste. I think the general idea is gotten across though. This is certainly one I will take pictures of again when I have a chance to get higher quality ones, no doubt.

Hope you enjoy!


Garbage! :D

One man’s garbage is the same man’s art. 😉

So I collected a bunch of items and decided to make something out of it, no surprise that a decent size piece of cardboard would be featured seeing as I have a penchant for all things cardboard. I was super happy to find what seemed to look like a license plate just walking around town, it had the perfect amount of rust to it too.