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Moving On

There has been so much madness lately with trying to get a new job, new place to live and just overall changing of a lot of aspects of my life as well as adventuring about the region for personal things that I haven’t had a change to really post all that much.

I have completed several new pieces and have three I am working on right now two paintings and one found items/mixed media piece. Ill post new pictures soon, maybe in progress maybe only after they are done who knows!? The mood around my home lately has been one of great positivity and happiness despite these hurdles that need to be overcome. I love all that I have going for me and I know all this is temporary.

I can’t constantly be down or allow things to get me down because I would never complete my work or ever move on in my life, my monsters need me! 🙂

I really can’t wait to see what is next.


Hurrah! The first draft of the Surrealism Discussion paper is about half way done (if I had to judge by looking at the length and my notes). I am not going to post the incomplete copy but if anyone wants to read the in progress piece feel free to message/email me and I will be more than happy to send you it so you can see what has come of the piece thus far and if anyone does read the in progress piece please give feedback it will only aid me in finishing the project (too many people are hesitant to give feedback because they don’t want to say anything negative..only time I don’t want to hear it is if you can’t be constructive with it!)

I have an incredible amount of photography I have been doing over the past almost month that I am going to review and post in the next few days as well (a big chunk from the Green Love Festival up in Starks, Maine). I wont be posting all the pictures obviously because that would end up being a gallery over 800 pictures large and that just isn’t reasonable. But a good portion of the pictures will be cleaned up and posted and as usual full resolution images will be available to anyone I just like posting smaller ones for loading purposes and all that jazz

Be Well,


In Progress…

I can’t really say that any piece is every truly “finished” but regardless of that fact this is a progress post for a poster I am making based off the song “The Happening” by “The Pixies”. There is, as if it wasn’t obvious, a strong influence from old sci-fi comic covers and movie posters. I wanted to work with a typeface that was similar to many but not exactly the same as well as a style that was similar but not one that shouted “HEY! I’m adapted straight from _________”. So I think it works well, it has that general 50s feel so far but not from one specific release. And..GASP! This is the first time anyone has seen a full sized image of it outside of my room, ha! Double GASP! There will only be 3 printed after it is finished. (oh my!)

I wanted to post a picture of the other project I worked on today as well but seeing as it is a birthday gift I was putting finishing touches on and I am pretty sure the person I am giving it to is a regular reader I can’t be doing that. I’ll post a picture of the piece after I show her though.

The Happening (Progress)