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In a Little Town Called Bristol: Bare Bones & That Girl!

Yup there is actually a lot going on lately here in little ole Bristol CT! Lately I have been working with Bare Bones a local creative center to help them get up and running. The spot is one of those that is quite hard to define with a single term or even a couple of terms. Simply put it is a place for creative folk to connect and do what they do best with others and if they happen to want coffee and tea we have that to offer as well. The space is really what the people make it and that is the exact reason I believe it will be a great success. Plans in the somewhat near future already include; jewelry workshops, live music, poetry slams, potluck dinner and craft nights (ex. learn how to crotchet). This spot is part of a revitalization of downtown Bristol, a movement that has been long needed and gaining a lot of steam as of late. The people of Bristol see this as a chance to bring new energy into a decaying, yet once vibrant, downtown by infusing it with art, culture and eventually business as well!
Come on down! Get some tea, some coffee or just come in to chat it up. 184 Main St Bristol CT. (For further details follow the link below)

Their facebook page can be found at Bare Bones for anyone looking for further information and looking to keep up with current events and all.

Additionally I wanted to give a bit of advertisement to a good friend of mine that I have been doing some design work for and photo retouching with, Kelly Hart. She is a talented stylist with a growing business, specializing in high-end hair and makeup packages for all of your special event needs (when you and yours just need to look your best!). Below are just a couple examples of her work along with a link to her professional facebook, there will be an independent website for the business going live in the very near future.

Her stylist facebook page can be found at That Girl for anyone looking to see further work examples or looking for further information.



Things just seem to be getting busier and busier but in such a great positive way! I have several projects that I am working on concurrently both for school and for myself. I am still on the garbage collecting kick and have a television centered project that I will be able to start and finish as soon as I get a screwdriver to remove the tube. I realize I could break it open but I want to cleanly remove it can keep all the elements intact to utilize them in design.

In other news I went on a little bit of an adventure this past weekend to Maine, Starks to be exact and it was absolutely wonderful despite it being fairly damp most of the stay. I think it was exactly what I needed right now, I love Boston and the urban setting but I needed some escape and just sitting around the camp sketching and coloring and cooking (I was on chef duty for the weekend, which I was most than happy with)…it was perfect. Not to mention meeting plenty of great folk and spending an entire weekend with a select one whom I already know quite well (in addition to getting the priviledge of waking up next to said person). I’ve started teaching some basic yoga stuff, just to a couple friends of mine nothing major but it makes me feel really good that I can share my knowledge with someone else that wants to learn as well.

Sorry that this post doesn’t have a new project in with it but coming soon I will make up for it I promise I have a lot that I am finishing up 🙂 (and heck starting at the same time!)

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To the 3 people who read this on the regular (maybe more? haha) sorry about the lapse in updates and such I’ve just been going crazy and been all over the place, nothing bad so there is that just busy busy busy.

Tonight is the Best of New England event and I am quite excited for that depending on how caught up in the evening I get I might do a write up (if I get a chance to get lots of details and such and take down names & notes)

Additionally a week after at the same location AiGA has another event going on (See image below for link)

And with my own personal adventures out of state and all you can start to see where the “busy” factor comes in. Honestly though I haven’t been happier in my life through and through.

And yes I’m still going to review the films, I have notes written just not typed up. I wiped this laptop a few days back and totally forgot to reinstall office until just now when I went to type up answers to some questions, oy.

But indeed I still am here!


I met a dolphin today

Two cheerful fellas and a dolphin named Earl, we met at Star Market today in Brookline.