After a bit of a break…

That’s right! I am back hehe. In the time off I have settled down in Somerville and started my life in Boston again. A lot has been going on in the short time I have lived up here and it seems like it has been way longer than just (nearly) two months really.

Trying to establish myself as an artist and find a place in the artistic community up here in Boston, especially in Somerville and it is going alright so far…hoping for a little more growth to come with the new year but part of it is on me and not pushing as hard as I should be (both my opinion and probably fact).

I have stopped by several galleries that I hadn’t seen before and think I am going to make this a weekly routine. I know not a lot of people I know go out to galleries as religiously as I do but it is fun even on my own so it is what it is 😉 Can’t be part of the community without going into it!

I recently started seeing a new special someone and I have to say she is simply amazing and has been an inspiration for a couple pieces of work now 🙂 But this isn’t a relationship blog so I’ll keep it to a minimum! Ha, just needed to give a heads up and all since she is wonderous and there will be a fair amount of work dedicated to the gal on here 🙂 (The first being the piece below! I know I posted it on Facebook before but wanted to put them up here too)


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