What comes next?

The title says it all.

This has been what I have been trying to figure out lately, especially for the last couple of weeks. It is one of the reasons there haven’t been many updates as of late on here (along with the fact that I just haven’t been online all that much).

For those interested I am still continuing the ever growing collection of garbage —-> art that I have been working on and at some point I will have pictures of the grand madame doorway project (aka mixed media affixed to a large door I found by the side of the road) posted up on here and other spots online. I just finished re-reading The First Manifesto of Surrealism and have started working on a discussion/response paper of my own (just cause) and I’ll have that posted up whenever it gets finished. I planned on doing the same for the Second as well as some of the papers Breton wrote.

In terms of the question posted it looks like, for me at least; getting BRA Artist Certification, finding a place to live and finding a place to work. The more time I spend looking at options and considering what I have to do the better I feel. I know it is a ton of work I need to get done but it sure beats being unhappy everyday.

As a side benefit I’ll be posting any resources I find for other art folk that might need help with opportunities, housing, work, call to artists and anything else I find along those lines. (Look at that! My trials and tribulations benefit all you lovely folk too. ❤ you)


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