Short (Recommended) Article

Putzing around the AIGA site I looked over an article that I more than likely have read before and taken note of either way it is important! It concerns presenting your portfolio and no matter what you do; fine art, design, illustration, animation anything that you would be bringing a portfolio of work to you need to know how to handle yourself because ultimately you are selling yourself to the perspective client.

AIGA:Presenting your Portfolio

It is a condensed quick article that you will fly through in no time but all the information rings true and is quite important to keep in mind. Not to mention it is written by someone who has had to review portfolios himself and has had them reviewed so it comes, not only, from the worker’s viewpoint but also from the viewpoint of what an employer will be looking for.

Afterwards take some time and just look around the site if you are interested in Design and the sort it is a wonderful page and organization.


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