In Progress…

I can’t really say that any piece is every truly “finished” but regardless of that fact this is a progress post for a poster I am making based off the song “The Happening” by “The Pixies”. There is, as if it wasn’t obvious, a strong influence from old sci-fi comic covers and movie posters. I wanted to work with a typeface that was similar to many but not exactly the same as well as a style that was similar but not one that shouted “HEY! I’m adapted straight from _________”. So I think it works well, it has that general 50s feel so far but not from one specific release. And..GASP! This is the first time anyone has seen a full sized image of it outside of my room, ha! Double GASP! There will only be 3 printed after it is finished. (oh my!)

I wanted to post a picture of the other project I worked on today as well but seeing as it is a birthday gift I was putting finishing touches on and I am pretty sure the person I am giving it to is a regular reader I can’t be doing that. I’ll post a picture of the piece after I show her though.

The Happening (Progress)



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