Comics, Comics, Comics.

This came up when I connected to wifi at Starbucks the other day to just putz around and kill time and I have to say it is pretty damn awesome. I haven’t spent a lot of time on looking through all of the site just yet but from first glance the selection of comics they have posted up is pretty wicked. I know it is just Marvel stuff and I haven’t looked into other companies yet (I plan to now) but I like the idea of having queues and lists of what I have read and want to read just like I have on netflix, hulu and all of those film sites. Plus I thought it was just pretty nifty that it was on the Starbucks site :D. So check it out, sign up and read some comics! All this being said I don’t think digital will ever replace that wonderful feeling of holding a new comic or graphic novel and flipping through the pages, having that smell of the print and that nice color of the pages.


Enjoy! [Link is below *points*]

Marvel:Digital Comics (and more)


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