To the 3 people who read this on the regular (maybe more? haha) sorry about the lapse in updates and such I’ve just been going crazy and been all over the place, nothing bad so there is that just busy busy busy.

Tonight is the Best of New England event and I am quite excited for that depending on how caught up in the evening I get I might do a write up (if I get a chance to get lots of details and such and take down names & notes)

Additionally a week after at the same location AiGA has another event going on (See image below for link)

And with my own personal adventures out of state and all you can start to see where the “busy” factor comes in. Honestly though I haven’t been happier in my life through and through.

And yes I’m still going to review the films, I have notes written just not typed up. I wiped this laptop a few days back and totally forgot to reinstall office until just now when I went to type up answers to some questions, oy.

But indeed I still am here!



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