Moving Pictures Pt. 2

I think with this post I will be introducing a lot of cinema and reviews of classics (both in my opinion as well as widely regarded classics) I don’t make films but sure do love them and end up gathering a huge amount of inspiration from film. I am getting further and further into photography as well and a lot of the concepts of photo carry over so I will regard the “oldies” with studies of light and cinematography as well. As a professor here put it lighting used to be an art and I see without a doubt the reasoning for that statement.

Coming up first will be my review of a film from the silent film era and from Germany. The piece is Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens or Nosferatu, A Symphony of Horror made in 1922 by director F.W. Murnau. This gem is not only a masterpiece of German silent film but of most many I argue. Of course I have to rewatch the film and take notes this time around to have a meaningful review but it will come either this evening or tomorrow depending on when I have time to watch the film in its entirety again.

Additionally when I review a film that is readily available like the 40 mentioned in the previous post I will provide links for you to obtain the film as well.


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