How We Came to Be.

I have come to realize I really enjoy making collages and working in that/with that medium. It also lends itself to the surrealist style I love so greatly. The composition I am posting is a mostly finished but not 100% finished piece, the layout is essentially complete and the concept is entirely complete but there are details and minute things that can (and probably will be) be fiddled with before calling it “done” or as done as a project can ever really be.

Additionally a short (less than 200 words) story was to accompany the piece and that follows…

The day was hot. the work was hard. Each day was the same now, their family was put to the task of constructing further temples for the lords that ruled over them, the gods that gave life and could just as easily steal it away from them. Despite such a fearful and tumultuous existence this was an honor to be chosen to be the faithful unquestioning servant families of the lords of the land. It was a sign that you were thought of highly, that your abilities were considered good enough to created a dwelling fit for the lords and that you and your kid could be trusted as those with strong unwavering character. This honor did not come without trials. The day was hot. The work was hard.


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