Somewhere to place my things…

Until I have steady income and normal webspace this will have to do. I wanted a gallery to post up work both in progress as well as finished in addition to a place to share ideas and links/communities that I find to be worth while, inspiring or simply enjoyable. I do hope to have enough money to finance a spot and a domain soon but being able to buy groceries and art supplies comes first. A fellow has got to live!

The name as some may know comes from Homespun. I shortened it to spundesign keeping it a little more simple and well…shorter. Maybe the full name will be used if I can when I get a domain of my own.

I start the blog with one of my favorite more recent pieces “Praycation – Jesus goes to Chicago” It was done Art Board with a mixture of acrylics and gel medium to achieve image transfers. The cityscape is best seen along the bottom of the piece but in the pictures to come the buildings bordering the center figure will be more visible. My only complaint was the loss of texture in the images being posted. Higher resolution shots will be posted very soon.

I leave with you my artist of the day Bryan Schnelle! Here is his personal site in addition to an interview he did with the good people over at Fecal Face

Bryan Schnelle

Bryan Schnelle – Mini Interview


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