After a bit of a break…

That’s right! I am back hehe. In the time off I have settled down in Somerville and started my life in Boston again. A lot has been going on in the short time I have lived up here and it seems like it has been way longer than just (nearly) two months really.

Trying to establish myself as an artist and find a place in the artistic community up here in Boston, especially in Somerville and it is going alright so far…hoping for a little more growth to come with the new year but part of it is on me and not pushing as hard as I should be (both my opinion and probably fact).

I have stopped by several galleries that I hadn’t seen before and think I am going to make this a weekly routine. I know not a lot of people I know go out to galleries as religiously as I do but it is fun even on my own so it is what it is 😉 Can’t be part of the community without going into it!

I recently started seeing a new special someone and I have to say she is simply amazing and has been an inspiration for a couple pieces of work now 🙂 But this isn’t a relationship blog so I’ll keep it to a minimum! Ha, just needed to give a heads up and all since she is wonderous and there will be a fair amount of work dedicated to the gal on here 🙂 (The first being the piece below! I know I posted it on Facebook before but wanted to put them up here too)


In a Little Town Called Bristol: Bare Bones & That Girl!

Yup there is actually a lot going on lately here in little ole Bristol CT! Lately I have been working with Bare Bones a local creative center to help them get up and running. The spot is one of those that is quite hard to define with a single term or even a couple of terms. Simply put it is a place for creative folk to connect and do what they do best with others and if they happen to want coffee and tea we have that to offer as well. The space is really what the people make it and that is the exact reason I believe it will be a great success. Plans in the somewhat near future already include; jewelry workshops, live music, poetry slams, potluck dinner and craft nights (ex. learn how to crotchet). This spot is part of a revitalization of downtown Bristol, a movement that has been long needed and gaining a lot of steam as of late. The people of Bristol see this as a chance to bring new energy into a decaying, yet once vibrant, downtown by infusing it with art, culture and eventually business as well!
Come on down! Get some tea, some coffee or just come in to chat it up. 184 Main St Bristol CT. (For further details follow the link below)

Their facebook page can be found at Bare Bones for anyone looking for further information and looking to keep up with current events and all.

Additionally I wanted to give a bit of advertisement to a good friend of mine that I have been doing some design work for and photo retouching with, Kelly Hart. She is a talented stylist with a growing business, specializing in high-end hair and makeup packages for all of your special event needs (when you and yours just need to look your best!). Below are just a couple examples of her work along with a link to her professional facebook, there will be an independent website for the business going live in the very near future.

Her stylist facebook page can be found at That Girl for anyone looking to see further work examples or looking for further information.

A Heart Swollen with Light, Swollen with Love.

A new piece I just recently finished up and was quite happy with. I wish I had a better way to show it off as the pictures do not capture a lot of the finer detail and texture, especially in the areas I used a larger amount of modeling paste. I think the general idea is gotten across though. This is certainly one I will take pictures of again when I have a chance to get higher quality ones, no doubt.

Hope you enjoy!

Bright Comrades

New small painting for some friends 😀 A bigger, bit more complex/detailed/what-ever one has just been started with the finish of that one. It makes me happy because it is nice and bright and as usual has some critters. Just a nice basic simple deal.

Hope you like it too.

Lovely Friends of Mine

Moving On

There has been so much madness lately with trying to get a new job, new place to live and just overall changing of a lot of aspects of my life as well as adventuring about the region for personal things that I haven’t had a change to really post all that much.

I have completed several new pieces and have three I am working on right now two paintings and one found items/mixed media piece. Ill post new pictures soon, maybe in progress maybe only after they are done who knows!? The mood around my home lately has been one of great positivity and happiness despite these hurdles that need to be overcome. I love all that I have going for me and I know all this is temporary.

I can’t constantly be down or allow things to get me down because I would never complete my work or ever move on in my life, my monsters need me! 🙂

I really can’t wait to see what is next.

Hurrah! The first draft of the Surrealism Discussion paper is about half way done (if I had to judge by looking at the length and my notes). I am not going to post the incomplete copy but if anyone wants to read the in progress piece feel free to message/email me and I will be more than happy to send you it so you can see what has come of the piece thus far and if anyone does read the in progress piece please give feedback it will only aid me in finishing the project (too many people are hesitant to give feedback because they don’t want to say anything negative..only time I don’t want to hear it is if you can’t be constructive with it!)

I have an incredible amount of photography I have been doing over the past almost month that I am going to review and post in the next few days as well (a big chunk from the Green Love Festival up in Starks, Maine). I wont be posting all the pictures obviously because that would end up being a gallery over 800 pictures large and that just isn’t reasonable. But a good portion of the pictures will be cleaned up and posted and as usual full resolution images will be available to anyone I just like posting smaller ones for loading purposes and all that jazz

Be Well,


What comes next?

The title says it all.

This has been what I have been trying to figure out lately, especially for the last couple of weeks. It is one of the reasons there haven’t been many updates as of late on here (along with the fact that I just haven’t been online all that much).

For those interested I am still continuing the ever growing collection of garbage —-> art that I have been working on and at some point I will have pictures of the grand madame doorway project (aka mixed media affixed to a large door I found by the side of the road) posted up on here and other spots online. I just finished re-reading The First Manifesto of Surrealism and have started working on a discussion/response paper of my own (just cause) and I’ll have that posted up whenever it gets finished. I planned on doing the same for the Second as well as some of the papers Breton wrote.

In terms of the question posted it looks like, for me at least; getting BRA Artist Certification, finding a place to live and finding a place to work. The more time I spend looking at options and considering what I have to do the better I feel. I know it is a ton of work I need to get done but it sure beats being unhappy everyday.

As a side benefit I’ll be posting any resources I find for other art folk that might need help with opportunities, housing, work, call to artists and anything else I find along those lines. (Look at that! My trials and tribulations benefit all you lovely folk too. ❤ you)